Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Weight Change and Two Workouts

This morning I checked my weight for record and I was at 261. This is 4 pound change from last month. I don't really worry too much about the weight. I know that if I keep running and am mindful of my diet it will all work out. So this is another steady month 1 pound a week. Which is fine as I am exercising a good deal so I don't know what type of muscle mass I am building but I am sure it is more than when I was sitting on the couch. If I lose 3 to 4 pounds a month I will be happy.

Last night was my Kenpo class. I like this as my cross training as I have to pay attention and learn as well as exercise. I did take an elbow to the arm pit right were the nerves all cluster together. Ouch. That one really hurt at the time. But besides that it was a class dedicate to hand speed. I do well with this type of format. In the end, I was huffing and puffing and dripping with sweat. Good class

This morning I went out for the first leg of my half marathon prep for the Philly Distance Run. This was supposed to be an easy 4 miler. I did one those Runners World plans that had you enter a time and they put together a program for you. Well the times they want are too slow, who would have though I would say this. But they wanted me to maintain a 16:39 pace for the 4 miles. Well that wasn't going to work. I had to tweek the times so I did. Easy is one thing 16:39 is something else for me right now. So I did a 14:30 pace, this is easy for me. Well not all 14:30. I tried the 16:39 for mile one, I felt like a slug. (It is amazing how smug I have become about my running over the months. I used to have to push myself for a 16:39 when I first started. I really am a humble person it is just that right now this is too slow for me.) So I finished the first mile at 16:30 and then thought about what I was doing and kicked it up the last few miles to finish with:

Mile 2: 15:20
Mile 3: 14:40
Mile 4: 14:20

Good enough I think. Tomorrow is the tempo run which calls for 5 miles total and 3 miles at 14:08, I think that 13:08 is more like it. So I will shoot for that instead.

Injury report:
Shins are a bit sore still the downhills at the Marsh Creek is still being paid for. My heel is tender but better. Amazing that a hard landing can have such long lasting effects. Shoulders and back a little sore from class last night.


Amanda said...

What's kenpo?

Rob said...

Kenpo is a Martial Art of Chinese/ Japanese origins. It is noted for its quick and complex combinations of hand strikes. I practice Martial Arts on my cross training days.

Amy said...

Good job on continuing to drop the pounds so consistently! Good job on the negative splits!

Rob said...

Thanks, Amy.