Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Breathing Revisited

I tried the new breathing technique this morning for my 3 mile jaunt through the park. It works great. I am surprised. I did the 2-2 breathe through the mouth out through the mouth rhythm. I had a lot more energy during the run and posted a pretty good time for me. 35 minutes for 3 miles. Which is good considering the humidity was insane even at 6:30 in the morning. There was so much moisture in the air (w/ sweat) that my hands looked like I had soaked in a tub for 30 minutes. Wierd, maybe the wierdest thing I have experienced running. Serves me right for running during a heat advisory, oh well no one ever accused me of being a genius. I do stupid things like this on a regular basis.

Stupid run things so far this year:

Run after an ice storm
Run on a sprained ankle
Run 8 miles with no water
Run a Mountain course on street shoes
Run during a heat advisory

there is more to come I am sure.

Well keep running... I will be doing 5 tomorrow.

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