Monday, July 16, 2007

Mid Month and Coming week

Mid Month Report:

Total Runs: 9

Long Runs: 1 x 7 miles, 1 x 8 miles (felt terrible after each on but better after the second than the first, could be progress???)

Points of interest or concern:
concern - post race health after long runs - energy very poor
good - no more blisters after long runs (that's good)
good - clothes fit better and down another notch on my belt
good - Speed better (both running and in Martial Arts class)
good - Passed recent belt test - yeah for me

Total Miles: 39 (next two weeks projection 42)

The Coming Week:

M: Run rest.
pm - Kenpo workout
It is offically a cross training day so I will try to squeeze in 200 kicks and 4oo hand strikes and then put some technique practice in.

T: am - 4 miles on the Trail. With the race on Saturday I need to get some trails in this week.
pm - Kenpo class

W: am - 5 miles on the path.

Th: am - 4 miles on the trail.

F: Cross training day. 300 kicks, 400 punches + techniques.

Sa: am - 3 miles on the trail. Just a light run nothing too exciting with some cross training maybe 200 kicks and punches.

Su: Race - Marsh Creek Raptor Run -- I signed up for this race because it sounds a little like Jurassic Park with the Raptor part. But it is 5 or 10 miles depending on what I want to do. I am thinking 5 today.

Next weight check is the 25th of the Month. I am not concerned really, as long as I exercise everything will go to plan. But what I am really concerned about is my long distance endurance. I am really feeling miserable after the run is over. I will have to do some research into this. I think I will try to put some cereal or a power bar down before I go out tomorrow. Usually I run on a pretty empty stomach due to a hurl factor I experience when exercising too soon after eating. Disgusting, I know, sorry.

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