Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Small Delay in Training

I really should have known that I would have some lingering effects from the Marsh Creek Race on Sunday. But I felt good Sunday so I thought Monday would be fine. Well I was wrong, who would have thought. Yesterday and today I have been through some foot, shin, back and butt pain (a pain in the butt with a pain in the butt, hmmm). The trail courses play some havoc on my body. Foot pain is a left over from a martial arts class two weeks ago when I came down too hard on a couple of techniques.

The delay is bummer as I was to start my half marathon training course today: but I didn't. I had a great plan I put together, but as Tom and Amy at The Runner's Lounge have previously posted, plans are great but execution is what really counts. Post race recovery is something I should have given myself three days for, a mistake on my part. I am just a rookie at this running thing so I guess mistakes are expected. It is really just aches and pains so I will probably be able to get kick started tomorrow or Thursday.

Tonight is my martial arts call I hope my legs feel up to it and tomorrow is my monthly weight check.

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Amy said...

Small delays are gods way of reminding us superhero runners that we are human too. Thanks for the call out - I really enjoy reading along!