Monday, April 30, 2007

One Week to Go

The Broad Street Run is in one week and I believe I am ready. I did a 10 miler on Sunday and did not die, so I think I am ready. 10 miles is tough for me the last couple of miles led to some knee and ankle fatigue but it is a not too bad, I will just have to remember to hydrate more. I will do a few more days of training and then do nothing for the remainder of the week.

This week:

M: 2 miles
T: 4 miles - Kenpo Class
W: 2 miles
Th: 0 - Kenpo Class
F: 0
S: 0
Su: Race day

The training is going well and I do realize I have along way to go. The 15 day weight check = 264. Not a big change but good, I am satisfied.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

I did it~ OMG!

Okay, i did it. I am registered to run the 2007 Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon in Virginia Beach over Labor day weekend. So, the kids and I are going on vacation the first week of September, and I am going to run 13.1 miles. I already have a place to stay, thanks to military buddies, Mike and Stef; and Mike is going to start with me, and meet me at the finish line. I am so jazzed! I went and bought a new pair of sneakers, the right kind. ASICS GT-2110. I tend to over pronate, and these are for heavier runners who over pronate. I also got the special insoles for those of us who have flatter feet. I walked around in them last night, and for the first time in a long time my instep on my left foot doesnt hurt. weird. The top of my foot doesnt hurt either, so maybe that is what i needed! i am very excited about this. Mike also told me that on the website for the shamrock there is a training guide to being able to train properly for a 1/2 marathon. i am very excited about this. I am really going to do it! Also, on the training guide, it talks about cross training 2 x a week; which is really cool because i have been conteplating playing softball 2x a week. With practices; i figure i can run to practice, do the practice and then run home. it gets my mileage in, and also does the cross training. I havent completely decided to do softball, but am definately doing the running. and the race. I paid for my entrace fee to the race ($75.00). a sizeable enough investment that i will not overlook it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Back in Black

I had taken a number of weeks off from Kenpo to get into a running grove, but I was able to start back last week. It is amazing how your muscles ache after a good martial arts workout, arms, ribs, shoulders, back and legs. However, as they say it is a good pain. The reference to back in black is merely that in Kenpo black gi's (uniforms) are traditionally worn rather than white as in most other styles. I like the martial arts for stamina, the starts and stops, with the necessary quickness are great for stamina. Plus it keeps the workouts interesting.

Running is progressing and I feel i will be ready for the Broad Street run on May 6th.

Sunday = 9 miles
Monday = rest because 9 miles is pretty far, martial arts class
Tudesday = 2 miles at the park
Wednesday = 3.5 miles on the streets.

The new shoes have helped by lower body stability. I was running in Saucony Omni 5's but they were a bit worn, I upgraded to the Omni 6's and I feel great. No ankle, knee or hip stiffness.

Tonight I plan to run for an hour as well. I am trying to get my base up. I want to be at 25 miles per week.

Remaining week schedule:
Wednesday Evening: 4 to 5 miles
Thursday: Kenpo class
Friday: 5 miles
Saturday/ Sunday: 3 miles/ 10 miles

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Kenpo again

I went back to my Kenpo classes last night. I had taken about 6 weeks off while I was building my milage and getting over a flu. It felt good to be back at it. I enjoy the light contact and the idea of actually learning something while I am exercising. For myself, I enjoy the complicated hand techniques and traps. I think I should bring a towel, I still have a propensity to sweat alot. I also found that my running has helped my stamina, I was fine after an hour. I only hope that the Kenpo also helps my running.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Nor' Easter

The weather has not been cooperating with my running schedule. It is a crap shoot in March and April for running and I am experiencing that this year. I was able to run 3 miles on Friday and 9 on Saturday but Sunday was a washout. I think I will be able to complete the Broad Street run on the 6th of May but I will not be fast.

15 day weight check: 267. Like I say, I know if I check everyday I will obsess over my weight so every two weeks I will check. I think the muscle development in my legs has prevented dramatic weight loss (fat changing to muscle and all that). Additionally, I had a bad weekend for diet so I probably added a couple of pounds this weekend from poor diet. But all in all, I feel I am doing well.

Friday, April 13, 2007

I hate the flu

I think I have finally kicked the worst of this flu I have been fighting for a couple of weeks. I have been trying to gear up for the Broad Street Run, a down hill 10 miler here in Philadelphia. However, being sick did not help this out. But I am not back on track.

Tuesday: 3.5 miles
Wednesday: 0
Thursday: 3 miles
Friday: 3 miles

It is my intent to do 3 to 4 miles on Saturday and 7 to 8 on Sunday, this will place my weekly total at about 20 miles for the week. Running while trying to cough up a lung is not fun but I am back to running again and that is what is important. Weight totals every 15 days, I don't want to obsess about weight. Rather, I would like to make healthy life style choices for their own sake, if I am dedicated the results will follow.

Next change: Flax Seed Oil.

I can't decide if I want to take the pills more convenient or grind and add the flax to my diet, more beneficial. Omega 3's are an important supplement that I want to put in my diet. I will update as I make a decision.

Friday, April 6, 2007

A Small Set Back

We had bad weather in Philadelphia early in the week and I caught a bit of a cold. I was unable to run all week. I feel bad. But I will be running tonight and then both weekend days. I am excited about it. Bring on the streets. The turtle express is back on track.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

A week in review

I had intended to start back on the 15th of March getting back into running. However, I stepped through a patch of ice into some water and fell on my knee. In an abundance of caution, I decided to see how my knee did. I took a little time, maybe more than I should have. So I started last Wednesday in earnest. Between the 15th and 26th, I ran three times about 2 to 3 miles each time.

Now the week in review, which began on Tuesday for me.

Tuesday 5 miles - Just a street run at 10:45 pm. Cool spring air kept me going. The thing I like best about running is that once you get into a groove you can lose yourself in your thoughts.

Wednesday 3.5 miles - Street run at 11:00 pm. I was a little stiff in the thighs but a good run never the less. It would have been 4 miles but I hit muscle exhaustion at 3.5 miles

Friday 2 mile walk - My legs were rubbery from Tuesday and Wednesday, but I didn't want to take two days off, so I compromised with a brisk walk.

Saturday 3 miles - Legs recovered to a reasonable degree, went for a morning trot around the neighborhood. 8:30 am. I never quite caught a groove and it was a bad run.

Sunday 6 miles - I ran in Pennypack Park, cool weather. The first day of fishing season brought out about 100 men in hip waders. I guess that's why I don't see fish at any other time of the year in Pennypack Creek. I caught a groove early and rode it for 6 miles. I felt fine afterward, just a few small blisters on my left foot. It may be time for a new pair of shoes.

Next week's Plan

M 4 mile street run
T 2 mile walk
W 3 to 5 miles
Th 3 to 5 miles
F 2 mile walk
Sa 4 mile street run or 7 mile park run
Su 4 mile street run or 7 mile park run

I'm giving myself an option on the weekend to either run my long one on Saturday or Sunday. This way I can guage my body's reaction to stress of another week of running. I am more of a plodder than anything else, I know I can do the ten miles now but one hast to be patient. Watch out here comes the Turtle Express.

I have also been on a volume controlled diet. I only eat as much food as can reasonably be squished into a softball at one sitting. I also eat half of my food and wait ten minutes before continuing to eat. This means that I eat more often but I give my body a chance to realize its full.

Truth in the tape: Weight on March 15, 2007 = 283 lbs
Weight on April 1, 2007 = 271 lbs

Still a heavy chevy but the gas milage is a little better.

Finding Motivation

Finding motivation to maintain my running schedule can be difficult. Once a month, I get my Runners World magazine. Usually, just a few articles is enough to get me out on the streets for at least one week. In the recent installment, a list of motivational tips and tools were provided. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Create a Blog - well I did this even before reading the suggestion. I feel one up already.
12. Every mile you run burns about 100 calories - this means you can think about a piece of pie or cheesburger and prepay in miles. Nice, only 9 miles for three slices of pizza.
59. You almost always feel better after a run than before. I agree with this, I sometimes torture myself over going or not going. But I always feel better after, even if I don't do everything I want on the run.
7. Sign up now - they recommend signing up for a destination winter marathon. But just signing up for the Broad Street Run (10 miles of fun) has given me the motivation to meet my weekly goals. I know I won't even finish in the top half for my age group, but I'll be out there.
46. Pay Yourself - I like this one, every time you reach your goals put some money in a jar. Then after a few months buy yourself something, hopefully running related, (new pedometer, shorts, shoes what ever tickles you.) I think I will go with one of those wristwatch shoe clip things for about 200.
75. Run an errand - I have done this, return a video to the store on foot, about 2 miles from my house, not too bad (a 4 mile round tripper). I think getting milk might be hard with this but what ever works, right?
40. Its not too late to salvage New Years resolutions, damn right.

Just a few of my favorites, there are 100 listed. They give lots of books to read as well, I will recommend one as well. Ultra-Marathon Man by Dean Karnazes. Mr. Karnazes is remarkable he has run 50 marathons in 50 days and runs hundreds of miles at a time. When I am having a hard time with motivation, I ask myself what Dean is doing? The answer is probably running, so I run my 4 miles knowing that Dean is shaming me, but it helps get me out the door.

This week's totals

Tu = 5
W= 3.5
Sa = 3
Su = 6