Sunday, July 15, 2007

I wish I could do it over again.

I wish I could say I ran yesterday, but I can't. Life got a little out of control and I did not make the time for a run. Sad. My wife needed some help with a comparative essay on the Holocaust and the Rape of Nanjing. Being I emphasized my undergrad in genocide and ethnic cleansing studies, I have a decent background and a nice library for this discipline. Well, 6 hours were displaced from my day and I was catching up all day. i.e. no run.

Today, I went for an 8 mile run. I wish I was in better shape. I ran about a 15 minute pace the entire way and did not need to walk until mile 6. It was a nice effort. I finished in about 2 hours and I felt better at the end than I did the week before. But I was beaten by the course again. I took some time to take a shower and down some gatorade. Then I went grocery shopping for a couple of hours. But at 3 pm I hit a wall. I needed a nap, 2 hours later I felt better. But I don't like that it takes so much out of me on 7 and 8 mile runs.

My new breathing techinque is paying off. The 2-2 rhythm with mouth breathing is the way to go. I don't ever feel winded and I have energy for the run every time. I think I in the future I will try to energy load for the long runs. I will try to bring some power bars for the long runs in the future. The short of this is that the long runs hurt me right now. I feel physically damaged by the 7 to 8 milers and I have to find a way to counter this before the half marathons in the fall. It may be that the heat is too much in the summer and it will all be worked out in the fall. But right now I am feeling weak on the long ones and I have to work though that weakness.

Injury Report:

My heel is still hurting me. I think I hyper-extended my lower achillies at my Kenpo class last week. Then the 400 kicks on Friday stiffened up my legs. I think I did too much. But if I keep after the kicks I will get better. Running doesn't really strengthen you legs very much so I will need to so some lunges and kicks to keep up my strength. Besides the heel, thighs are stiff, hamstrings a little tight, lats and traps a little tight. Just some mucle tightness really. I will recover Monday is a recovery day for a reason

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