Thursday, July 19, 2007

Morning of relative Sloth

I tried my second morning of 5 am and things did not go very well. I said, "time to get up." Then somehow it was 6:10 and I got up. I have to work on the very early morning thing. When I was in the Army I used to do that stuff all the time. You have seen the movies running and singing. "If I had a low IQ I could be a tanker too" Just a little morning run with 1000 of my closest friends. But that was a long time ago.

Back to today, I did get a nice run in.

I hit the paved trails of Pennypack Park. There were a couple of deer to keep me company along the way as well as a half dozen rabbits and chipmunks. I did well for me and I think my speed is getting better:

Mile 1: 12:45 - mile 1 is always suspect for me so this is outstanding on the personal best effort.

Mile 2: 12:15 - This is virtually light speed for this train and I felt like I was in control of the course

Mile 3: 11:42 - a GREAT finish. I was beaten when I was done but the speed was very good. I was impressed with today. The race is coming on Sunday. I will take it easy the rest of the week. 2 miles tomorrow, 2 miles on Saturday.

Nothing sinister on the roads today.

Martial Arts:

Although not running related, I do like to add some information on my classes. Tuesday night, we did a lot of bag work and I can feel my hand speed coming back. Although my ability to anticipate is not what is was. When I work with a partner, I take a lot of shots. Well, with time comes ability. I have been out of it for a few years. Strangely, I can now kick over my head again which is probably strange to see from a 260 pound guy who is definitely carrying the weight low. We worked on some punch traps and parrys and then I worked on some advanced techniques with some of the higher belt students. It was a good night. I always feel challenged and tired at the end.

Injury Report:

My heel still hurts and I hope it goes away soon. I need to be more careful in class. My ribs are a bit sore and my shoulders and back are sore from my increased punching routines in the evenings. But with time comes familiarity. My thighs are sore for similar reasons, lots of lunges and lots of kicks. Overall B+ for my health. I have to start at A- due to my weight.

Quote of the Day
I was reading on Half Fast (see link to side) about motivation and motivation techniques. One of my own is this we all live and die but what we do in between is what really matters. How will you make a difference? How will I?
-- I run to make a difference in my own health
-- I do pro bono work to make a difference in my community


Anonymous said...

hey there,
just checking in. i read your blog everyday, but dont comment much. glad the hero made it out ok, hope the glasses have been fixed.

been having some health issues of my own, so i havent been running much. wont be running in the rock and roll in Va in Sept. Kind of bummed about it, but maybe next year.

i look forward to tomorrows entry! cheers, LJ

norabarnacle said...

Hey, right on! Good luck to you on Sunday, but it sounds like you have a good attitude and won't need the luck!