Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Sort of Long One...

I hit the roads this morning as promised. I hit my normal weekend hills and suffered as usual.

1:40:53, 8.30 miles, 12:10 pace, 1580 calories

Mile 1) 11:40
Mile 2) 12:29
Mile 3) 12:16
Mile 4) 12:05
Mile 5) 12:01
Mile 6) 12:02
Mile 7) 12:40
Mile 8) 12:15
last .3 ) 11:39 pace

I think it is fairly obvious where the hills where the really big hills were (miles 2 and 7). Beyond these two miles, I think I was pretty consistent. Given that I was running up a slope that I would be afraid to ride a skateboard down, I think I did ok.

I would have gone farther but I was a bit late for getting my daughter to her Saturday classes. So I had to wrap it up.

In terms of Energy - I started a little low but snapped out of it quickly. I got into a pace I could sustain at the end of mile 1 and worked through mile 2. Then I hit a stride at mile 3 and the hills didn't seem to bother me. Compared to last week I cut some serious time off my run time. Good news.


Dan Seifring said...

Very nice run Rob, that's a long run in my book.

David H. said...

Based on what your non-hill miles are, I'd say that's pretty awesome what you're doing on miles with the hills.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

You're doing fantastic and putting in some serious miles there. Great work!!!

Rob said...

Thanks for the kind words all.