Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blog Transfer

Over the last month I have gone from 248 to 242. That is only 6 pounds but it really is more than that. I was sick near the turn of the year and when I got better I put that weight back on. I jumped back to about 252 and then I started this new diet and dropped 10 pounds in two weeks. I think I have this figured out. I will see as time goes on. But I am feeling normal again and I have to think what comes next. What does come next? I want to keep this fitness journal up so I have changed my site to:

New Site Address: I Dare
I will be posting all new posts to this site. In this way I can transition from a weight loss focus to more fitness related. There is nothing preventing me from doing that here, but I feel like I have turned a page and that it is important to change my focus to go along with that.
My goals are getting bigger and I feel that my site should reflect that. I hope you will all join me over at my new diggs.

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Spider63 said...

Funny, but I felt the same way at my weight loss blog and then started a fitness blog...!