Wednesday, January 30, 2008

First Race of the Year

I have registered for my first race of the year. I have been looking high and low for something close enough and long enough to peak my interest. I have found...

This fits both criteria, 1) close as it is only an hour from home and 2) far enough - since a half marathon is my longest race to date I think this qualifies. I am very pleased with the find and am looking forward to the race. I have been training hard but I didn't have anything to really get up for per se. So now I have something to train for besides the beloved Broad Street Run, a great race through the heart of Philadelphia.
As to the Ceasar Rodney Half Marathon, I will be increasing my mileage to get up for it. Well, I can run the thing today but I want to have steady energy so here is the plan for my long runs.
This week 2/2 : 10 miles
Next week 2/9: 11 miles
Third week 2/16: 12 miles
Forth week 2/23: 13.1 miles
Fifth week 3/1: 6 miles
Race week: Race
I will not scale back for a month on this plan. But I think that will be ok, I will keep everyone updated.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh Rob, Can I just say, CONGRATS for being in a fantastic place. You could run it today but you are training to run it better than you could today, not just training to finish is. That is just awesome!!

Is it weird if I am proud of you? I am so proud of you!

Rob said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Nancy. I don't think it is wierd, it is the blogging friends thing.

Chief Wahoo said...

Glad you found a race.

I know that having a race as a gola really helps me stay focused and keeps me honest!