Saturday, May 5, 2007

Tomorrows the Day for Bob!

Tomorrow is the day for Bob's race, the Broad street run. 10 miles! Good luck! i know you will do well. you have trained hard, and successfully. you will finish, and you will do well! I have faith in you! I will look here on Monday to see how it went, as i am sure tomorrow after your run, you aren't going to be running to the computer to tell me how you did! rest up today, carb up today; and relax. You deserve it!

this week my running has gone very slow. I only logged in 3 miles, due to family commitments. I will definately need to kick it up a notch in order to be ready for my 13.1 in Sept. There are 3 races in Sept that i would like to do; 2 are local and the one that is in Va Bch. the 13.1 is the first race of the month; so hopefully anything after that will be cake. lol! So, today being Saturday, i am planning on getting in a 3 mile run; i have measure different paths with my car from my house to figure out mileage; so i dont have the same route to run all the time. I figure an assortment of runs will be good for me as well. thought about going running last night in the dark, and realized that the bears are now out foraging around and decided that probably would not be a good idea. Will definately have to make sure my time for running is during daylight hours.

Well, Good Luck tomorrow. I know you are a more advanced runner than i am; so any advice i give you would be mute. So, have fun, remember to breathe, and the goal is just to finish! Best of Luck, Laura

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