Friday, May 11, 2007

On the Mend

The swelling in my ankle has subsided, my ankle is almost normal size. It still is painful and I wear a brace to work. However, it is managable. I have some discomfort when I twist it by accident but it is not a swollen mess with discoloration any longer. Although I cannot walk down stairs without pain, I think it has something to do with mass going down hill but I am not sure the reason it does not hurt going up stairs.

I have been doing some martial arts at home, but I had to cancel the week due to injury. I will be back at it next Tuesday with some pacing conderations for class. In the mean time I will be exercising at home being careful not to distrub my ankle too much. I find I can pivot just fine on it, so I can work on some things. I just have to avoid the stairs as much as possible. Good luck I guess. I will keep you updated.

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