Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Next Run - June 24, 2007

I had been a bit concerned about my ability to recover from my sprain in time for my next run, The Double Trouble Trail Run in Morgantown, PA. After spraining my ankle I was uncertain about my recovery and was not sure if I could make the run. Today I am sure I will be recovered. I can walk without the brace and have run 5 miles since the Broad Street with no real problem. The race is 15k or 30k depending upon what you want to do. It is a trail run through a state park. So the view should be nice and there should be shade, but I won't count on it. Sun block is my friend, especially with my Scotch and Norwegian decent. Let's just say if I was any paler I would be see through.

I have the ability to run 30k if I choose to, I can't really imagine that but who knows. The run is apparently a loop and if you come to the finish and want to run another loop, then go ahead. At this stage of my running, I do not think I will do that but I will keep the window open. 15 kilometers is 9.3 miles and as I ran 10 miles in early May, I do not see a problem. I am able to train again so I wam hopeful for this one. My other summer run will be Marsh Creek Raptor Run which is a 10 miler.

For me these runs are important for my own accountability. If I did not have these to do it would be too easy to slack off. So having some shorter ones in front of the half marathons at the end of the year keeps me honest. I cannot just go out and run 13 miles, I have to build up to it. That takes miles during the week, miles on the weekend on a constant basis. I have to build to 100 to 125 miles a month -- establish a foundation so to say. Rome wasn't built in a day and they never built a skyscraper without a foundation. I have to build the base first and then I can succeed without killing myself. The worst thing I can imagine is showing up to race day unprepared. I did show up injured but I had built the miles over the previous 6 weeks, so I see a difference. 6 weeks of 15 to 20 miles per week, so I put in 100 miles to run 10. These shorter runs keep me on pace for the half marathons because September and October seem far away today. Also, the runs in September and October will gear me up for my Marathon next year. Always building on the base. I can't walk out the door and do 26 miles, I have to establish a base.

Wish me luck on the Double Trouble- 9.3 miles. It doesn't sound like much - but I am sure that by mile 8 I will know I have done something substantial. I can do it and so can you.

I always remember the words of my former Kenpo Instructor Bud Barrett, "If you look for an excuse long enough you will find one you like."

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