Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The New Race Schedule

Here is what I am committing to for the remainder of the year, after giving careful thought to the situation. I don't want to go with both the Philly Distance Run and the Marathon as they are basically the same course. So I needed to mix things up a bit.

May 6 : Broad Street Run - 10 miles (Philadelphia) - completed - I finished sprained ankle and all.

June 24: Double Trouble Trail Run - 15k (9.3 miles) (Reading, PA) - A trail run with lots of cover and after 15 k I can decide if I want to do 30k, I probably won't.

July 22: Marsh Creek Raptor Run- 10 miles (or 5 miles) (Downingtown, PA) - A nice jaunt through a state park on trails. Should be cover to protect me from the Sun.

September 16: Philadelphia Distance Run - 13.1 Miles (Philadelphia) - Starting at the Art Museum and around historic Philadelphia.

October 13- Baltimore Marathon - Half Marathon 13.1 miles (D.C.) - a run through Baltimore waterfront. Should be nice.

November 4: Run the Bridge - 10 K (6.2 miles) (Philadelphia - across the Ben Franklin Bridge) - How often do you get the chance to run across the Ben Franklin with Sal Palantonio from ESPN. So it will be a nice finish for the year.

It is an ambitious schedule but I think I can pull it off. If I can do it all I will try a marathon for next year. Probably not Philly, maybe Baltimore, the Marine Corps in D.C., or the Steamboat up in the Poconos.

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