Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Today's update

I was able to go to class tonight. A good start, I think. My ankle is a bit stiff now and was before I started. But overall I feel great. My pivots and stance changes were good enough for a man with a sprained ankle and felt good enough. I was able to break a sweat for an hour with little difficulty.

Now I need to get back onto the streets and do some running. I will try to get a couple of miles in tomorrow and work back up. The reality check part of my brain thinks that I need to hold off on my two to three hour runs on the weekend for a few weeks. I think my schedule will be as follows.

M-2 miles
T- Kenpo
W-2-3 miles
F-2 miles
S- 3 miles
Su- Kenpo practice at home

Once I can get back into the swing of things:

M- 3 miles (Tempo)
T- Kenpo
W- 5 miles
Th- Kenpo
F- 3 miles (Tempo)
Sa- 8 to 10 miles
Su- 5 miles/ sprinting/ cross training

The above will be more of a function of my healing more than anything else. I hope to get up to speed as soon as possible. One day at a time. The Turtle express is off and running again. Finally, the last week felt like a year.

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