Tuesday, May 22, 2007

John Bingham's Site

I have added John Bingham's site to my links. I find his website is a source on motivation, beyond my thinking about what Dean Karnazes is doing (which is probably running). John is a regular guy who decided to start running one day. I find his columns speak to me more than others who I don't think really understand the regular guy part of what I am doing. For me, I am not trying to win, I just want to lose weight and be healthy. The races give me structure for doing that. I think John Bingham gets that about those like me. So I think what he does for this sport is great, he gives the message that we are all welcome for all of our reasons for doing it.

I like to run because:
- it gives me some alone time to reflect
- it is a sport I can do at my own pace
- I only have to compete with myself
- Races, as I have recently learned, are a wonderful experience. It is a party preceded by alot of exercise.
- it gives me something to look forward to
- I feel better after I finish
- Out of town races give me a chance to travel to places I might not otherwise go to.
- I like being able to buy new smaller clothing.

We all run for our own reasons, none of them are wrong. Well unless you are just practicing to run from the cops.


R2B said...

Not many people can give a straight answer to why they run,so well done!


Rob said...

Thanks to R2b, who I found out from visiting his site is one hell of a runner.

Anonymous said...

hey there! i logged in 2.6 miles yesterday. i feel a bit stiff today; but not sore. my feet, however are sore. blisters on the insteps...i think i will have to cut down the soles a bit so the rubbing doesnt occur. Other than that, i feel really good. i weighed myself today. i hate the scale. absolutely HATE it. a month ago i was 241. today i was 228. a bit of progress. i am glad. my goal is to be 145. i HATE the scales. but i will continue. I really liked your remark about if you look for an excuse long enough, you'll find it. No more excuses. I NEED to do this for myself. Thanks!

Rob said...

Well, LJ, it seems like you have lost 13 pounds in one month. I think that is great progress. You should be proud of that. Keep at it, you are doing great! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! i did not realize that. i knew clothes were fitting me differently; and that i had been eating different. i cut all soda out of my diet; and drink mostly water or tea. occassionally i have a coffee, but i dont like the headaches i get if i go too long without one; so i only have one or two a week instead of that much every day. my mileage is about 10 - 12 miles a week right now. plus i have been doing about 25 miles a week on the exercise bike, on the days i dont get out to run.