Monday, May 14, 2007

Doing Better.... Today.

Over the weekend I was forced to do some shopping at the mall. The concrete floors murdered by ankle. It did not swell but it sure did hurt like a @#$%&. Today, I am better. It seems that overall I am much improved over last week. I think this is a good sign. Tomorrow, I will take my first stab back at Kenpo class since my injury. I will wear the brace and watch my lateral movement, but I think I should be fine. I may have to ice the ankle a bit after but I would rather be part of things than watching. Plus I need to keep my activity level up so I can get to the next scheduled run. Right now I am leaning toward a 15 K for the end of June. But that all depends on my recovery from the this sprained ankle. If all goes to plan my running schedule for the year will be as follows:

May 6 : Broad Street Run - 10 miles (Philadelphia) - completed
June 24: Double Trouble Trail Run - 15k (9.3 miles) (Reading, PA)
August 12: Chicago Half Marathon - 13.1 Miles (Chicago, IL)
September 16: Philadelphia Distance Run - 13.1 Miles (Philadelphia)
November 4: Run the Bridge - 10 K (Philadelphia - across the Ben Franklin Bridge)
November 18: Philadelphia Marathon Weekend - Half Marathon 13.1 miles (Philadelphia)

This is my plan for the year. It may be too ambitious and I may cut out Chicago. Three half marathons may be too much. But I think that 2 may be fine. I will keep you posted.

Running 0 miles this week, not good. I will attempt to do atleast some walking this week.


Anonymous said...

Forced to do shopping at the mall? giggle..... the price of trying to keep someone else happy. what else could possibly be needed, i thought you had everything and more! lol! hope your ankle is feeling better. pretty aggressive schedule there, good luck! you inspire me.

Rob said...

I may modify things. I want to think a bit. I may substitute either the Philly distance or the Marathon for the Marine Corps Marathon (1/2 for me) or the Baltimore half. I am still playing with it. But I want to do either 2 or 3 1/2's this year. Then next year I hope to do a full.