Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I used to hate the Yankees

Maybe hate is a bad word for it. But I grew up a RedSox fan and the Yankees were always beating us my whole life (2004 World Series and ALCS meltdown aside.) The Yanks always had our number. You were biting your nails because the Yanks just had a bit more talent, well in the 70's and early 80's alot more talent. Recently they have had just a little more talent. But this is not the late 90's anymore. Today, the Yanks are in full meltdown. The starting pitching is miserable and Roger Clemens can only help so much. The Yanks are looking up at every team in the division not just the RedSox. However, the RedSox have a 14 and 1/2 game lead on the Yanks already. Things can change because the Yanks have no top end for their payroll so they can afford the talent to come in at mid season. But that may even be too late. So today, I feel bad for them. It really isn't any fun when your arch rival isn't any good, it makes the games not as meaningful. Well hopefully they will be better next year. Well this year I can always look forward to the Indians, never thought I would have said that when I was a kid.

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Rob said...

Last year's wild card team from the AL won 95 games, for the Yanks to make it to 95 they would have to go 74 and 38 over the remaining games. That would be tough.