Thursday, May 24, 2007

This Weekend

My schedule for this weekend is as follows, it is Memorial Day so I have included Monday as the office is closed.

Thursday: Street Run - 3 Miles

Friday: Street Run- 3 Miles

Saturday: Pennypack Park: 8 Miles

Sunday: Kelly Drive: 5 Miles

Monday: Pennypack Park: 8 Miles

I will let you know how my progress is. This may be a bit too ambitious just coming off the sprain but I will do my best to stick to it. I don't want to be the guy with an excuse so I will do my best to keep it up. I know that Dean will probably have done 250 miles in that time period so the least I can do is 25 miles.

Of course there will also be barbeques, family fun, and car repair. But I will do my best to be a serious runner this weekend. I will think of Pre, Dean and all those Kenyan guys and try to fly as best as I can. Next Friday I leave for a weekend in Florida so I need to get my exercise in before hand. Walking around Disney for a weekend should be interesting with a 4 year old. But in the interim I need to hustle some runs in.

After Monday:

Tuesday: Kenpo

Wednesday: 3 miles Street Run

Thursday: Pennypack Park - 5 miles

Then I can relax for the weekend without feeling too guilty. Happy trails folks and get some miles in, there is a race right around the corner. Turtle Express chugs on.

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Rob said...

Thursday = 3 miles - 28 minutes