Tuesday, May 29, 2007

5:30 am is a great time of day

I ran today at 5:30 and it was great, who said that? I remember a time when 5:30 was a time to go to bed not get up, amazing how things can change. But the weather in the morning is cool and crisp and just a nice time to enjoy the day. So I hit the bricks as my dad would say. I ran the first two miles pretty slowly until I realized I was doing it. Then I picked up the pace for the next two miles. If I have to guess, and I do, the first two miles was a 13 minute pace and the second two was at a 9 minute pace. I have to watch myself or I can be lazy. But I do have to admit something, when I run fast my butt hurts a bit. Not something a man wants to admit, sore butt that is. But it is true. I think I will be running at the crack of dawn during the summer. It is great training weather.

As to my pace, I have to look into a big purchase - a watch and shoe chip combo. Probably run about 250 but I am at the point that it is necessary. I did some research and I was torn between a timex system and the Garmin 205/ 305. I think I will go with the Garmin 205. It is just a bulky watch but it guages pace, distance, calories and does a bunch of other stuff. In the end the Timex system is great but too bulky for my liking. The chest strap and arm receiver were too much equipment for my liking. The Garmin 305 also has a chest strap but I will opt out. The heart rate is nice to know but to me its not worth the equipment. The good news, I have found that I can pick one up for a little under 200. A savings in my book. I love the internet.

I hope everyone had a productive weekend.


Anonymous said...

i TRIED to get up at 530am this morning to try your morning run idea. I woke up with a screaming headache, so i went back to bed. UGH. I am either a morning person, or a night owl, but i cannot be both. i do know that i need to increase my mileage if i am going to be ready to run 13.1 in Sept. So, tomorrow, i will again try the morning run. Tonight, i will go out and do my 3.6 mile path.

Rob said...

I admit that the first week of early mornings is a nightmare. However, after you get used to it, the day starts with alot more energy. But you have to do what feels right to you. Just make the commitment to do your miles and everything will work out. Maybe just try to get up early for the first couple of days, then try to run a bit later. Anyway nice try, good luck on your path. I order the GPS watch, I am excited.

Anonymous said...

hi there! i definately need to work at it. its a nightmare, alright. lol! once i am out there, i am fine. its getting out there. lol! let me know about the watch when you get it. it sounds like a neat new toy! giggle.