Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Kenpo Class... oh, yeah!!!

I went to class last night and my arms are hurting today. Blocking can be a workout that is for sure. I have a little bruising on the inside of my arms today. It is a good pain. I need some time to perfect techniques. Tonight I will spend some time on it. The hardest part is keeping the names straight. Martial Arts techiniques have crazy names that are difficult to remember... so you have to do the technique and say the name as you do it. Maybe if I did them 20 times a day it would stick. Well I will try 15 times each tonight and see if that helps. Well I am off and rolling again after my post race injury... it feels good.

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Rob said...

I caught a fist on the heel of my left palm and it bruised up pretty good. Just part and parcel of the art.