Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Sprained Ankle, Ouch!!!

I sprained my ankle when I was about 20 and it took 6 weeks to feel better. At the time I had to use a crutch. I was a mess. So now I have to fight through another sprain, although this one is not nearly as bad. I am still remined that it is not right when I move wrong. It is just a dull pain but it reminds me of what I need to do. I would still run with the sprain again, it was worth it to compete in the run.

I learned that Robert Massaroni, a local Tang Soo Do instructor died at the finish line to the Broad Street Run. The cause of death is unknown. I feel very badly for him and his family on what should have been a great day. My sincerest sympathies go out to the family of this truly remarkable man. Please link to the article from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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Anonymous said...

hey there. glad to hear you are healing. I am sorry to hear about the death at the end of the race. wow. i read the article...certainly not something you'd expect from someone in shape like that. my condolences to the family.

hope things are going well for you this week. its been a challenging week for me, making my time to run. Robbie is playing baseball, so games are two nights a week. i will definately continue to adjust my schedule to get my running time in.