Friday, August 3, 2007

On the DL

Much like my Red Sox would do to a baseball player I have placed myself on the disabled list. My heel has been bothering me for a few weeks. I think that because I did not take enough time off when I did it I have caused an over use injury. So I will take about a week off from running. I plan to be back at it next weekend. But I will guage that based on my recovery. It is a mild injury but it is lingering and that is a concern. I walk fine and I don't need any pain killers or anything. But it has been uncomfortable for a few weeks. So I will take a week (hopefully) or two (I would rather not) and see how that goes. I will put a few things up in my abscence.

No offense meant to my fellow Philadelphians, I do like the Phillies. A lot of their players are top notch and they play with a lot of heart. But I grew up in New Hampshire, deep in Red Sox nation so my heart will always be with the Sox.

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Amy said...

Good luck and take care of yourself and your heal.