Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A lazy morning

Last night I had intended on going out for 4 miles but my daughter was in a mood and did not get to bed until late. The trials and tribulations of the 4 year old mind, hmmm. So I went out this morning and didn't have the time for 4 so I did a three. The goal is just to keep my legs fresh so not a big deal.

The results:

Mile 1: 12:50
Mile 2: 11:30
Mile 3: 11:34

By doing the nasty hills recently I have really kicked up my times on the straight aways. I started out in March running 15 to 16 minute miles. So on these short runs I have made some progress.

Cross Training
Last night I did a bunch of push-ups, sit-ups, dips along with an obnoxious amount of punches and kicks. By the time it was over an hour and a half had passed and it was 12:00. Midnight, good god what was I thinking. Well you work when you can, I didn't make an excuse so that is best. As my favorite quote goes "If you look for an excuse long enough, you will find one you like". So I got off the couch.

... 5 days to go... gulp

Strange Diet Notes
My biggest problem when I started this adventure back in March was fast food. I really was hooked on the grease and I never thought twice about what I was eating or drinking (a large soft drink and a refill was part of the process). I did not even think whether or not I was hungry or not. It was a comfort and habit sort of thing. Now, I have to say that for the most part fast food now makes me sick to even smell never mind eat. It took me a while to back off from it but now I don't go to a fast food restaurant except with my daughter once a month. I will eat something there and it is not good for me but it is only once a month. Everything in moderation.

These days my snacks are fruit and vegetables instead of cookies or other sorts of baked goods. And I look at serving sizes now. I will chug water but nothing else. So this is equally as important as the exercise. I never would have thought I would have preferred an apple to some peanut butter cookies. Strange.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Wow, that IS progress on the splits. I always tell myself, one good thing about being sort of slow is that there is lots of room for improvement. Your hill work (and dedication) are definitely paying off!


Pokey said...

Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly....or else how do you know when you've improved? Take it from me...I am a lousy runner so I have lots of room for improvement! LOL!