Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Something to inspire

I recently saw a Reebok commerical on you tube about out running your beer belly. It is pretty funny and it also is a good reminder that we can all out run and leave behind our beer bellies and run toward what we really want: a healthier us. I guess you can think about being chased by the fat monster, that monster is us/ you. In the end we only have ourselves to blame on this one. We make the choices. I know I get closer every time I run 3 miles on a weeknight, 8 miles on a weekend I get closer all the time. Everyone can do it. Are you getting closer???

Everyone has time to run!!! 30 minutes 4 days a week or 2 hours a week out of 168 total hours. How small is that? get up 20 minutes early each day - that is all it takes. There are lots of excuses out there, don't look for one. Just do the time. Exercise is hard, it is work ... it is worth it. 30 minutes 4 days a week. That is all it takes. I will be running with a 2nd degree sunburn tonight, I am not making excuses ... how about you??



Anonymous said...

sCARY! lol! funny, but very SCARY! lol!

Anonymous said...

hey! where are you? is everything ok?