Friday, June 15, 2007

A Small Change

I did take the Raptor Run off my schedule, I feel a bit rushed to get ready for the run on the 24th and I don't think one in less than a month is a good idea. I will focus on training for the half marathons in September and October. Today I ran 4 miles the watch is a great way to guage pace and distance. Which is good because the trail I run on has posted distances that are all jacked up. I started the run and the sign said 2.5 miles to Welch Road, ok. I start my watch and run when I reach the next sign it says 1.5 miles to Welch Road. So my watch should say 1 mile right, wrong 1.6 miles is what it reads. I had always felt that the signs were wrong in the park. It was always, is that all I ran. My god, I suck. But my GPS has relieved some of my fears about my running. My pace is nothing to praise, about 12 and half minutes, but it is getting better.

I am trying to keep all these names of techniques for my names straight - attacking mace, sword and hammer, trigger slaute, five swords and so on. The names may make sense but there is a disconnect in my mind. For me they should have numbered them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 -- they I could just do more of a rote memorization on the names and practice them in order. Oh well, I will practice tonight. Due dilligence is the moto of the week.

I have also ordered a digital scale, something a bit up the range. It does a body fat measurement as well as weight. So that should help to keep me on track. I think I will be embarrassed to post the results but, I will do it. I fear my home scale may be a bit off as well. So if that is the case, I will have to post amendments. Forgive me for my cheap Ikea scale.

Keep running ... I will be, so should you.


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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Rob said...

I find exercise to be uplifting. I diet as well but exercise is vital in my mind. I would not want simply diet. I love my Kenpo class and do find running to be a release into my own mind for a time. It is great. I am glad you found the results you were looking for. For me, I want to run the half marathons and hopefully a full marathon next year.