Monday, June 18, 2007

my weekend

I have a 15k race coming up next Sunday, so this weekend I had to get some running in. I have been pretty good about getting 3 to 4 miles a day. I had some leg fatigue over the weekend but was still able to log 6 miles both days. The heat is a killer. I may have to amend my expectations if the heat kicks up. I would rather be smart on something like that. The fortunate part is that the race is a trail run so it is covered 90% of the way, or so the race promoters would have me believe. I will still drag out my spf 50 for the event.

So here are the numbers:

Saturday: 6 miles 13 minute 30 second pace.
Sunday: 6 miles 13 minute 45 second pace.

I have some leg fatiue from 5 days of running in a row. I will relax a little today and get back to 5 miles tomorrow. I am concerned that I was not able to do an 8 or 10 before the race. I like to get close to or beyond the race distance during training. I am sure I will be fine I am sure.

This race really jumped up on me. After the Broad Street Run in May, I have been busy and have not run as much as I would like to. As I said before, I will not be running the Raptor Run in July, I need to focus on training for the half marathons in the fall. Also, the summer seems a bit deceptive to me, it is nice but the heat can really screw with your results. Early mornings are in and late afternoons are out.

Keep running... I will be.

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