Sunday, April 1, 2007

A week in review

I had intended to start back on the 15th of March getting back into running. However, I stepped through a patch of ice into some water and fell on my knee. In an abundance of caution, I decided to see how my knee did. I took a little time, maybe more than I should have. So I started last Wednesday in earnest. Between the 15th and 26th, I ran three times about 2 to 3 miles each time.

Now the week in review, which began on Tuesday for me.

Tuesday 5 miles - Just a street run at 10:45 pm. Cool spring air kept me going. The thing I like best about running is that once you get into a groove you can lose yourself in your thoughts.

Wednesday 3.5 miles - Street run at 11:00 pm. I was a little stiff in the thighs but a good run never the less. It would have been 4 miles but I hit muscle exhaustion at 3.5 miles

Friday 2 mile walk - My legs were rubbery from Tuesday and Wednesday, but I didn't want to take two days off, so I compromised with a brisk walk.

Saturday 3 miles - Legs recovered to a reasonable degree, went for a morning trot around the neighborhood. 8:30 am. I never quite caught a groove and it was a bad run.

Sunday 6 miles - I ran in Pennypack Park, cool weather. The first day of fishing season brought out about 100 men in hip waders. I guess that's why I don't see fish at any other time of the year in Pennypack Creek. I caught a groove early and rode it for 6 miles. I felt fine afterward, just a few small blisters on my left foot. It may be time for a new pair of shoes.

Next week's Plan

M 4 mile street run
T 2 mile walk
W 3 to 5 miles
Th 3 to 5 miles
F 2 mile walk
Sa 4 mile street run or 7 mile park run
Su 4 mile street run or 7 mile park run

I'm giving myself an option on the weekend to either run my long one on Saturday or Sunday. This way I can guage my body's reaction to stress of another week of running. I am more of a plodder than anything else, I know I can do the ten miles now but one hast to be patient. Watch out here comes the Turtle Express.

I have also been on a volume controlled diet. I only eat as much food as can reasonably be squished into a softball at one sitting. I also eat half of my food and wait ten minutes before continuing to eat. This means that I eat more often but I give my body a chance to realize its full.

Truth in the tape: Weight on March 15, 2007 = 283 lbs
Weight on April 1, 2007 = 271 lbs

Still a heavy chevy but the gas milage is a little better.

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