Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Back in Black

I had taken a number of weeks off from Kenpo to get into a running grove, but I was able to start back last week. It is amazing how your muscles ache after a good martial arts workout, arms, ribs, shoulders, back and legs. However, as they say it is a good pain. The reference to back in black is merely that in Kenpo black gi's (uniforms) are traditionally worn rather than white as in most other styles. I like the martial arts for stamina, the starts and stops, with the necessary quickness are great for stamina. Plus it keeps the workouts interesting.

Running is progressing and I feel i will be ready for the Broad Street run on May 6th.

Sunday = 9 miles
Monday = rest because 9 miles is pretty far, martial arts class
Tudesday = 2 miles at the park
Wednesday = 3.5 miles on the streets.

The new shoes have helped by lower body stability. I was running in Saucony Omni 5's but they were a bit worn, I upgraded to the Omni 6's and I feel great. No ankle, knee or hip stiffness.

Tonight I plan to run for an hour as well. I am trying to get my base up. I want to be at 25 miles per week.

Remaining week schedule:
Wednesday Evening: 4 to 5 miles
Thursday: Kenpo class
Friday: 5 miles
Saturday/ Sunday: 3 miles/ 10 miles

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Anonymous said...

hey there! congrats! i have signed up for the 1/2 marathon in virginia beach. the rock and roll marathon. i am obviously not ready for it, but i am going to be by september. i am so excited! you want to run it too? let me know.... lj