Friday, April 13, 2007

I hate the flu

I think I have finally kicked the worst of this flu I have been fighting for a couple of weeks. I have been trying to gear up for the Broad Street Run, a down hill 10 miler here in Philadelphia. However, being sick did not help this out. But I am not back on track.

Tuesday: 3.5 miles
Wednesday: 0
Thursday: 3 miles
Friday: 3 miles

It is my intent to do 3 to 4 miles on Saturday and 7 to 8 on Sunday, this will place my weekly total at about 20 miles for the week. Running while trying to cough up a lung is not fun but I am back to running again and that is what is important. Weight totals every 15 days, I don't want to obsess about weight. Rather, I would like to make healthy life style choices for their own sake, if I am dedicated the results will follow.

Next change: Flax Seed Oil.

I can't decide if I want to take the pills more convenient or grind and add the flax to my diet, more beneficial. Omega 3's are an important supplement that I want to put in my diet. I will update as I make a decision.

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