Monday, April 30, 2007

One Week to Go

The Broad Street Run is in one week and I believe I am ready. I did a 10 miler on Sunday and did not die, so I think I am ready. 10 miles is tough for me the last couple of miles led to some knee and ankle fatigue but it is a not too bad, I will just have to remember to hydrate more. I will do a few more days of training and then do nothing for the remainder of the week.

This week:

M: 2 miles
T: 4 miles - Kenpo Class
W: 2 miles
Th: 0 - Kenpo Class
F: 0
S: 0
Su: Race day

The training is going well and I do realize I have along way to go. The 15 day weight check = 264. Not a big change but good, I am satisfied.

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Anonymous said...

hey there! good luck on your race this weekend...i know you can do it. The turtle express is on the road, and you are going to do just fine. Let me know how you do!! I have a 5k (3 miles) in May; and i am checking out other races in the area, just for some training. I am nervous about Sept. but very determined. check out my myspace page.... i have all sorts of running stuff on it now. lol! talk again soon, LJ