Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A new beginning

I began my career as a lawyer a little later than most, I began law school at the ripe old age of 30. I had been an a frequent exerciser throughout my 20's. However, upon entry into law school, I failed to exercise as I previously did. This coupled with the eating habits of the average student were a disaster to my physique. Additionally, my career has been such that I have had little time to exercise. Of course this all excuses. As my former martial arts instructor would say, "if you look for an excuse long enough you will find one you like." My favorite has been, "I don't have time." This excuse has left me carrying quite a bit of weight.

Today, I weight approximately 280 pounds, this is some 90 pounds more than I weighed at the age of 29. At 38, I have a serious weight problem. I am sure that I am not in the position as others. However, I do have some serious concerns about my health.

To address these problems I have taken the following initial steps. First, I will run. I hope to be able to run a half marathon eventually. But first I need to develop a habit. Second, I will attend martial arts classes at a local American Kenpo school. The selection of American Kenpo over other styles is purely egocentric and I admit it. I prefer Kenpo to other arts bases wholely on my own particular background. I hope to be able to use these two exercise outlets along with a better diet to lose weight.

This blog will serve to keep me honest in my efforts. If I have to be responsible to reporting my efforts I will be more diligent in my efforts. If anyone finds this interesting or of worth, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

I cant believe Im posting on an interactive blog. I work in finance, too busy to read what I want much less posts from some runners accountability blog. However, I am inspired! I have run my whole life until that dreadful cigarette that matured to two packs a day and then hidden in the closet and masked as chewing tobacco. This was to hide the fact that teenage girls learning to play basketball cannot be fooled and as a coach my obligation graduated me to an alternative nicotine fix. Running slowed down. Marriage got better. However the once upon a time 5 miles no matter what a day and at least one 10 mile a day run once a week, went out of the game. Now - I continue to work in finance, earn well, eat well, sleep well, run never. Half a mile randomly and perhaps a one mile jaunt for punishment twice a month is hardly like what running use to be. I admit it. I feel sorry for my overweight six foot tall self that once upon a time was hot and on a Harley pissing my husband off as I stole the keys to his Fat Boy trying to prove that I am submissive and absolutely not type A. Today I am plus size. I eat as if I ran and thankfully nicotine free for 4 years. I have an awesome treadmill in my garage. I love to run. I hate that even when I run one mile it feels like failure because of how I use to run. Im just older, bigger, busier, and have the same eating habits of when I was 18, healthy, sober, and running. Im 37 and so stuck that if this were not an anonymous submission I wouldnt be writing because I am hiding in my pity party wondering if someone will have a pearl of wisdom that I havent thought of. I love your accountability plan. Perhaps I should try it. Im so tired of being comfortable being fat. I am fat. Im cute. Im a good woman. But I am fat - bottom line. I love to run and just love talking about it more than taking action. Clealy. Thats makes me mad at me. This is the first time I have written to anything out of business on the internet. Thank you for reading my little corner of junk. :)

Rob said...

Thanks for making me take a look at what I wrote when I first started this thing. You can get back to running it happens one step at a time. Thanks for the comment.